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Panel count data arise in many applications when the event history of a recurrent event process is only examined at a sequence of discrete time points. Methods in panel count data implemented in this package are grouped into two categories depending on whether the examination times are associated with the recurrent event process after conditioning on covariates. Estimating procedures include: Wang-Yan’s augmented estimating equations (AEE, AEEX), HuangWang-Zhang’s method (HWZ), Zhang’s maximum pseudolikelihood (MPL), Maximum pseudolikelihood with I-Splines (MPLs), Maximum likelihood with I-Splines (MLs), Sun-Wei’s method (EE.SWa, EE.SWb, EE.SWc), Hu-Sun-Wei’s method (EE.HSWc, EE.HSWm), and accelerated mean model (AMM).

A comprehensive review can be found in https://doi.org/10.1111/insr.12271.


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