R Packages

aftgee aut, cre
censCov aut, cre
permDep aut, cre
reReg aut, cre
rocTree aut, cre
spef aut, cre
tranSurv aut, cre


Accerated failure time with generalized estimating equation

The aftgee package implements recently developed inference procedures for the accelerated failure time (AFT) models with both the rank-based approach and the least squares approach.


Linear regression with a randomly censored covariate

censCov implementsthreshold regression approaches for linear regression models with a covariate subject to random censoring, including deletion threshold regression and completion threshold regression. Reverse survival regression, which flip the role of response variable and the covariate, is also considered.


Permutation tests for general dependent truncation

permDep implements permutation approaches to test for quasi-independence in left-truncated right-censored survival data.


Regression models for recurrent event data

reReg implements a collection of regression models for recurrent event process and failure time. The package is still under active development.


ROC-guided survival trees and forests

This package is working in progress.


Semiparametric estimating functions

Functions for fitting semiparametric regression models for panel count survival data.


Transformation model for left-truncated right-censored survival data

tranSurv implements methods for survival analysis under a dependent truncation and independent right censoring via a structural transformation method.